Anna sprite
Vital statistics
Created By Naglfar94
Status Alive
Age 20
Family Iris (Fiancee)
Species Human
Gender Female
Birthday November 19, 1596
Height 5'10
Anna Is a character from Lagios. She is the lover of Iris and both reside in Falx in the town of Fauldes. They both watch over the town there and protect it and have been doing so for years. At some point years prior they helped Jake and his family by giving them money and food to get by when they had absolutely nothing and were on the verge of dying.


A woman who is very skilled with both wind magic and the trident. She is the protector of and head of a small town where she takes up residence at along with Iris her lover whom she cares greatly for. Anna can be cold, distant and serious when it comes to her duties or when protecting Iris from danger. But when not doing anything she is quite carefree and cheerful which often leads those who don`t know her well to take her lightly not knowing how dangerous she can be. Five years before the main timeline both she and Iris fought with and repelled the Draxus assassins that resided in Fauldes as well as beating their leader at the time Naite freeing the town from his oppression once and for all. In the process of this battle, Anna got a permanent burn scar on her back when she protected Iris from a fire magic attack by one of the assassins meant for her.


Anna is fairly tall standing at about the same height as Jake and possesses brown eyes as well as mid-length curly pink hair.

Powers & AbilitiesEdit

Anna is a very capable fighter being just slightly stronger than her lover Iris. Anna uses spears most notably a trident type spear known as Gladius as well as wind magic. She has also shown great speed and reaction speeds to further help her in battle. She was strong enough that she and Iris alone were enough to repeal the entirety of the Draxus assassins five years prior and even defeat their leader at the time Naite.

Lethal Windmill: A wind magic spell used by Anna. She combines the use of her spear & magic to use this attack. First, she begins to rapidly twirl her spear around all the while wind begins to form around it she then tosses the spinning spear at her foes, due to the wind magic being on her spear the rapid spinning and slicing gales make this a powerful long ranged attack.

Gale Whiplash: A wind magic spell used by Anna. She blasts her enemy with strong winds that can slash them to bits with various whiplash-like slashes.