Vital statistics
Created By Naglfar94
Status Deceased
Age 31
Family Bella (Adopbtive Daughter)
Species Human
Gender Male
Birthday May 14
Height 6'0

Crux Is a character from Lagios. He was the head of the Shrine of Sacred Water aswell as teacher to many young water mages including Bella, Thomas and Mana. He tasked Bella early on with going to Lethe to inform Queen Luna of the impending crises building in Clayter once they became suspicious that something may have happened to the water god Azul who resided in the Frozen Temple nearby. He was later killed by Garnet in the Frozen Temple when he refused to tell her the temples secrets and the key to finding it`s secrets.


Crux was very well known and one of the most powerful water users to live in Clayter.Has been teaching many students at a time alone and he is even well known by King Bahman and nearly all in and outside of his small town Victor. His death shocked many and greatly surprised Mana who was in disbelief for awhile at the news when Thomas told her. At some point in the past before the start of the story Crux met with Bella`s parents as she ended up in his care as a baby when they abandoned her not wanting the child anymore. Ever since he has acted as both a teacher and a father figure to Bella.


Crux is a fairly tall man who wore blue and white robes with yellow streaks through it. He had red hair and wore a silver circlet around his head.

Powers & AbilitiesEdit

Though his abilities were never shown Crux was no doubt very strong being far stronger than Bella. Crux knew nearly every water spell excluding Bella`s ability to transform to water. However due to Garnet`s thunder and electric based spells she quickly overwhelmed the powerful mage and promptly defeated him leaving him at the brink of death to later be found by Bella and Mina and died shortly after.