Dagger of Rebirth Is one of many Kinmaki Wonders of the land. Unlike many of the other Kinmaki Wonders the dagger isn`t meant for combat purposes as a result it is completely useless to use it in a fight,instead it`s use is to be used on the holder of it or someone else. In order for the dagger to be used the person must be killed by it either by doing it themselves or killing another with it. Whoever is killed by the dagger will then die like normal but after 20 years pass they will revive making them undead,things that are gained from this revival is a body that no longer feels any pain whatsoever, infinite stamina and aura and the ability to regenerate from any kind of damage done to the body be it damage so bad that their body is completely and utterly wiped or otherwise. Any damaged limbs or internal organs will begin to heal back up shortly after they are damaged or removed. Once the dagger is used successfully it will break and not be able to be used again until a certain amount of time passes where it restores itself back to its original state of condition making it like other Kinmaki Wonders in the fact that its existence cannot be forever erased due to age or destruction. Appearance wise the dagger is purple in color with a golden handle having at the middle of the guard a blue jewel.