Vital statistics
Created By Naglfar94
Status Deceased
Age 201
Family None
Species Demon
Gender Male
Birthday April 20,1415
Height 5'9

Diamond Is a character from Lagios. He like his companion Garnet serves directly under one of the Zodiac Demons acting as a right hand servant with the one he serves being Taurus. He was killed by Barbara and Sagittarius.


Diamond like Garnet is a birthstone and serves under a Zodiac Demon matching up with his month that being Taurus. He was helping Taurus prepare a tournament on the borders of Lethe so it could attract people from not only Lethe but Falx due to it being on the border close to it. He later was fooled by Sagittarius whom contacted him and asked him to meet with him to discuss matters of their plans only to be greeted by Barbara who then began to fight him right away. Afterwards Sagittarius showed up and it was there he found out his plans to betray them however he could not take both Sagittarius and Barbara at one time and was killed.


Diamond was a fairly tall man with mid length silver hair with black ends. He wore a black tunic with gold around the sleeve ends and a white belt and simple black pants to go with the look.

Powers & AbilitiesEdit

Diamond was very powerful in his own right. In terms of power he would be around the same level as Garnet and possibly stronger. He was proficient in ice magic and was strong enough to fight with not only Barbara but a summoned dead Scorpio aswell. Had Barbara not been undead he would have killed her with his Arctic Palm.

Diamond Rage:An ice magic spell used by Diamond. He throws out a big ball of spiky ice which floats in the air and begins to shoot out sharp icicles all about an area.

Arctic Palm:A lethal instant kill ice magic spell used by Diamond. When used both his hands turn a deep blue color and become extremely cold. He then has to do nothing more than touch his enemy with his palms. As soon as his palms make contact with the body it freezes the foes internal organs aswell as making their body on the outside very brittle and easy to shatter apart. He used this spell on Barbara to a devastating affect however due to her immortal nature it was not lethal on her.

Shatter Point:An ice magic spell Diamond attempted to use but failed due to being abruptly stopped by Barbara. Diamond forms a large spiked chunk of ice and sends it to the opponent. When hit by it they are not only injured by the spiked ice but also by the after affect by which Diamond then causes the huge chunk of ice to shatter right on the victim causing further damage.