Gladius Is one of many Kinmaki Wonders of the land. While not being on the same level of might as the six legendary elemental weapons it is far above that of normal weapons of it`s same type. Gladius has an attribute like no other weapon with it possessing the ability to pierce through anything it touches no physical material or living being can defend against it making it a very lethal weapon to go against. Appearance wise it is a spear that looks like a trident it`s handle is shiny,purple and metallic in appearance with many designs of several vines and leaves curling all around the handle way down the the very bottom of the spear where it ends in a beautiful woman in robes, While the metal of the blade the blade of the spear is orange in color however when in light it shines a faint blue. Like other Kinmaki Wonders and even the six legendary elemental weapons Gladius can never under any circumstance be broken nor does it ever age.