Ixtor Is one of many Kinmaki Wonders of the land. While not being on the same level of might as the six legendary elemental weapons it is far above that of normal weapons of it`s same type. Ixtor is actually not just one weapon but a pair of weapons with it being two twin revolver guns. The attributes this weapon make it unique among any other gun as Ixtor is a gun created with the purpose of dealing with foes who posses superhuman capabilities which includes every living being within the land of Lagios aswell as a select few humans whom happen to ascend beyond that of being an everyday person. Each bullet shot from the gun moves far faster than what any normal gun could shoot out aswell as each bullet shot from Ixtor having the unique trait of being able to break aura. Since every above average individual within the land who have even partial control over their aura also use aura to protect their bodies as a barrier of sorts making it harder to hurt an individual under conventional means with the aura protecting their bodies, as a result due to Ixtor`s nature of making any protection from aura useless against the bullets shot from it, it is the bane of any who use aura to protect their bodies and is the perfect weapon to hunt down those with superhuman capabilities. Appearance wise both guns look like one would expect of a revolver however with the difference being the color each one is completely blue. Like many other Kinmaki Wonders and even the six legendary elemental weapons Ixtor can never under any circumstance be broken nor does it age.