Vital statistics
Created By Naglfar94
Status Alive
Age 18
Family Fasha (Mother), Unnamed Father
Species Human
Gender Male
Birthday March 21, 1598
Height 5'11

Jake Is a character from Lagios. he is from the small village Caelin in Lethe there he lives with his mother Fasha whom is ill and childhood friend Ellen. His father due to illness passed away years prior.


A young man who is has a very high amount of determination and care of others. Jake grew up in a very poor family barely able to afford even food due to this he has come to understand the hardships many others have to endure with his greatest desire being to help and support the poor. He is very skilled in fire magic and has self taught through various tomes he has read, he can also imbue his fists with fire to increase the damage of the blows. He also has connections with the young couple Anna & Iris with them having helped he and his family when he was younger in their worst time of need.


Jake is fairly tall having brown eyes, a soft appearance and mid length spiky blue hair.

Powers & AbilitiesEdit

Jake although not fully experienced in the area of actual real combat has proven himself still and able fighter and user of fire magic. He is completely self taught and learned through the reading of many magical tomes. Jake can not only fight at range but also do close up physical attacks enhanced by his fire magic which he can imbue in his fists.

Hell Fire: A fire magic spell used by Jake. He sends a large amount of swirling flames toward the victim to burn them with intense heat of the flames.

Ibex Uppercut: A fire magic spell used by Jake. He takes advantage of being able to imbue his fists with his fire magic making this a close range attack. He first focuses his fire magic into his fist turning it red then followed by flames appearing on his fist in the shape of a Nubian Ibex goats head. He then gives a devastating uppercut blow with it.

Sirius Flame: A fire magic spell used by Jake. He first covers his fists with his fire magic and then launches a powerful punch at the foe. Afterwards the flames form several small stars made of fire that lock on to their targets and follows them about making this spell hard to avoid even if the initial punch strike is dodged.

Blaze Rush: A fire magic spell used by Jake. He first launches flames out in front of him which then form into a bull that charges at his intended target to impale them with horns of flame.