Kestris Is one of many Kinmaki Wonders of the land. While not being on the same level of might as the six legendary elemental weapons it is far above that of normal weapons of it`s same type. Kestris is an axe also known as the Phantom Axe due to it`s attributes of allowing the user to attack not on the physical realm but the spiritual realm, each attack from the axe or ability originating from it harms the soul itself making the axe very dangerous to anyone who faces a user of it. Kestris also grants the user the ability to temporarily make their bodies intangible like a spirit or ghost, appearance wise the axe is both pink and silver in color with the front edge of the axe being pink in color while the rest is silver with the handle also being the color of pink. Like any other Kinmaki Wonder or even the six legendary weapons Kestris under no circumstance can ever break nor does it ever age.