Vital statistics
Created By Naglfar94
Status Alive
Age 19
Family Thomas (Fiance)
Species Human
Gender Female
Birthday June 17
Height 5'9

Mana Is a character from Lagios. She lives in Clayter and comes from the small town of Victor where her good friend Thomas lives aswell. She too was taught by Crux in the Shrine of Sacred Water.


Mana was taught under Crux in the Shrine of Sacred Water and was one of many students learning under him at the time. She is childhood friends with Thomas and has known him for a very long time she is also aware of Bella but isn`t as close to her as she is to Thomas,however she was still very surprised when Bella died showing that even Mana acknowledged and thought highly of Bella`s abilities among them all aswell. Mana was one of the many captives taken at some point after Bella`s departure from Clayter and had Thomas not had an timely arrival Mana and the remaining two captives would be dead. After Garnet`s death at the hands of Mina Mana decided on helping Thomas out with restoring the Shrine of Sacred Water aswell as bettering her skills aswell as a water mage. Overtime she and Thomas finally admitted their longtime feelings to one another and she became his fiance and they will marry in the future.


Mana has long straight brown hair and wears a light one piece dress similar to Bella`s however hers is violet with yellow streak lines that go from top to bottom on the front. She has dark brown eyes.

Powers & AbilitiesEdit

While Mana never showed what she could do or fought yet she is a very capable girl due to learning under Crux since childhood. She like Thomas is weaker than Bella but of Crux`s stundents she was 3rd best. So it can be presumed she knows a fair amount of water spells and is very adept at using them.