Vital statistics
Created By Naglfar94
Status Alive
Age 19
Family Meg (Sister), Unnamed Mother, Unnamed Father
Species Human
Gender Female
Birthday April 12,1597
Height 5'7

May Is a character from Lagios. She is the older sister of Meg and is very protective of her. Years before the start of the current timeline both their mother and father perished in a battle with a powerful mage known as Zin, from then on May has raised and looked after her younger sister. May also has the dragon god Noir residing within her and she is able to borrow his power to use her signature ability the black dragon fist. She and Meg both found Opal by chance near death and brought her in with them where they cared for her until she recovered, Opal now stays with them in Falx as she has nowhere else to go.


She is the older sister of Meg and is very protective of her when needed due to having to be the one to be there and raise her as a child after their parents died. May is very independent, headstrong and tough. She is very good with unarmed combat and has mastered the powerful black dragon fist which is power borrowed directly from the legendary dragon god itself. Due to the large amount of power with the move it gives risk to the users body when used.


May posses green eyes and she has short shoulder length purple hair.

Powers & AbilitiesEdit

May is gifted with naturally high physical strength despite what her appearance may suggest she is very strong physically. With the Black Dragon Fist she can also further enhance her strength to be double of what it is and was strong enough to hold her own against Opal in a mock battle where both ended up coming out equal.

Black Dragon Fist:This ability is unique to only May. She borrows the power from Noir and it manifests usually around her fists in the form of black fire. She can not only use this ability to enhance her physical strength but to enhance any of her bodily functions ranging from speed, how durable she is and even her bodies reflexes. This ability can be dangerous to her though if she were to unleash it`s full power it would put too much strain on her body due to the large amount of energy from it and the sheer amount Noir has and kill her.