Vital statistics
Created By Naglfar94
Status Alive
Age 16
Family May (Sister), Unnamed Mother, Unnamed Father
Species Human
Gender Female
Birthday January 6, 1600
Height 5'5

Meg Is a character from Lagios. She is the younger sister of May and unlike her is very gentle and shy. Years before the start of the current timeline both their mother and father perished in a battle with a powerful mage known as Zin, from then on Meg was looked after and cared for by May and grew up with her. She and her sister would later by chance encounter the wounded Inugami Opal and take her back home with them to care for her saving her life and earning her friendship and gratitude.


Meg is the younger sister of May. Unlike her she is more magically gifted able to wield sun magic. She is very shy and kind compared to her sister. But looks up to her greatly. Meg has also often been the target of bullies in her past to which May would quickly step in for her defense. Despite having control over the rare and powerful sun element she hates the idea of fighting anyone.


Meg is fairly short and petite she has shoulder length brown hair and green eyes.

Powers & AbilitiesEdit

Meg hasn`t yet shown her abilities in battle and is terrified of the idea of hurting anyone or fighting. However it can be assumed she is very skilled having mastered control over a rare and hard to master element that being sun magic which few use.