Vital statistics
Created By Naglfar94
Status Deceased
Age Unknown
Family None
Species Fire Goddess
Gender Female
Birthday Unknown possibly existed since the beginning of time
Height 5'7

Rosso Is a character from Lagios. She was the goddess of fire but was killed by Aries sometime during Mina`s storyline.


Rosso was one of the six elemental gods of the land with her element being that of fire. She once resides within the Burning Mansion a place located in a hidden area in Lethe. The mansion is always ablaze in eternal fire. She was killed sometime in the background during Mina`s story and her power absorbed by Aries. Rosso shared a close friendship with her fellow goddess and her leader Schatten when she was alive.


Rosso wears an all read long dress that is a bit revealing at the top and has a red colored necklace around her neck. She has orange eyes and dark red hair aswell as feather earrings that are orange colored and black lipstick.

Powers & AbilitiesEdit

Rosso like her companions was no doubt very powerful and the strongest user of the fire element. She was powerful enough to easily defeat all 9 Zodiac demons with her comrads in the past and strong enough that said demons will not dare face her. Aries himself didn`t try facing her until he created his magic spell specifically built to defeat her and her comrads proving her might.

Mira Blaze Ball:The only known spell so far by Rosso. Due to her being killed in the background she herself is not seen using this however it is seen being used by Aries. This spell is an advanced fire spell and it creates a giant fire ball large enough to engulf an entire large room. The fire ball in addition to harming the foe out right can also cause harm afterwards as the flames do not go out right away and instead scorch the entire surrounding area for a bit making this spell a good spell to use for area attacks.