Vital statistics
Created By Naglfar94
Status Deceased
Age 23
Family None
Species Human
Gender Male
Birthday January 18,1593
Height 6'3

Ryo Is a character from Lagios. He was an assassin who worked under Garnet as her personal assassin. He was sent on a mission to test and see the abilities of Mina and Bella however during the battle he was killed by Bella.


Ryo is a young man who works for Garnet as her personal assassin he often carried out missions for her ranging from assasination to gathering intel on things and has worked for Garnet for atleast 10 years quickly becoming a favorite of hers as he rarely ever failed.


Ryo is a fairly tall man who wore a black cloak and has long straight red hair. He always had a slightly tired look to him which matched his pretty laid back nature.

Power and AbilitiesEdit

Ryo is clearly an able fighter as he was hand picked by Garnet herself to be her best assassin and quickly became favored by her due to his feats. He can also skillfully tame Manticore and has used atleast 3 of them when he fought Mina and Bella. Aside from that he mainly relies on his axe skills and trap laying to best his foes.

Axeman:Ryo deployed the use of his axe in battle and could skillfully wield it to the point to where he gave Mina a hard time landing a hit on him and nearly besting Bella.

Expert Trap Setter:As an assassin he is very skilled at killing silently or by setting traps. In his battle with Mina and Bella he deployed the use of a few traps which caused both of them minor problems. One trap being his most deadly where he made use of hidden wire string and his axe and upon pulling the string would release his axe at high speeds killing the opponent before they could react. Had Bella not turned to water such a trap would had killed her.

Manticore Tamer:Ryo has also learned to tame Manticore and has them as his pet`s he can call them at anytime or give them commands. He used 3 of them during his fight with Mina and Bella.