Vital statistics
Created By Naglfar94
Status Alive
Age 981
Family None
Species Zodiac Demon
Gender Male
Birthday December 16,635
Height 6'1

Sagittarius Is a character from Lagios. He is one of the nine zodiac demons that serve under Aries,while he is supposed to be in the Lethe region to assist Taurus there,Sagittarius is all about as he slowly sets his plan into motion to overthrow Aries and free himself from him. Sagittarius at some point met Barbara and the two became close partners soon after with Sagittarius finding her in particular the most interesting due to her being undead and immortal with a body that always regenerates.


Sagittarius is one of the nine zodiac signs that has been summoned by Aries and works under him. Sagittarius is very powerful in the fact that he has the powers and abilities of many different individual through gathering of their DNA or any piece of the person left behind. he is focused in the Lethe region to try and conquer parts of that place for Aries and to weaken the largest defense force there Gustavesburg Kingdom.


Sagittarius is a tall man who looks as if he is in his twenties. He has mid length black hair and gray eyes and he wears a pair of glasses with green frames.

Powers & AbilitiesEdit

Sagittarius while he hasn`t seen much combat yet is very strong like the rest of his peers.He is unique in the fact that he has the ability to access and use other individuals abilities via getting their DNA in some way and putting it into himself,his favorite way of getting samples is through blood from the person whom he wants to take from which can make him a great menace should he take from someone who had a particular strong ability or magic. Along with that He is also very skilled with the bow and it is his preferred weapon to use in combat however he can craft melee weapons from his aura alone and has crafted a rapier out of it once before showing a high mastery over aura control.

Shining Strike:An ability Sagittarius obtained from getting DNA samples from Mina. He creates a rapier from his aura and then performs the exact same attack as Mina often used.

Water Body:An ability Sagittarius obtained from getting DNA samples from Bella. It works the exact same way as when Bella used it. Turning his body completely to water making him intangible to all damage except from thunder magic for a total of 8 minutes.

Vorpal Arrow:One of Sagittarius`s own attacks. He first shots and arrow at an enemy which then vanishes into a small dimensional portal and moments later another larger portal opens up behind the enemy releasing many more arrows at them.