Vital statistics
Created By Naglfar94
Status Alive
Age 1034
Family None
Species Zodiac Demon
Gender Male
Birthday April 17,582
Height 7'0

Taurus Is a character from Lagios. He is one of the nine zodiac demons that serve under Aries. Taurus shared a rivalry of sorts with Scorpio And they used to constantly bicker and argue with one another yet they both saw each other as friends. Taurus plans to set up a large tournament on the outer edges of Lethe to draw out powerful fighters from all about.


Taurus is one of the Nine Zodiac Demons summoned by Aries and serves under him. He is the most physically strong of the nine and prefers to fight without weapons and instead relies mainly on his brute strength and body. He and Scorpio also shared a rivalry of sorts,the region he is focused in is Lethe.


Taurus is the tallest character in Lagios easily towering greatly over everyone. In addition to his great height he is also the most muscular of everyone appearing very tall and large compared to others. He has short gray hair and a pair of large bulls horns on his head and he has dark red eyes.

Powers & AbilitiesEdit

While he hasn`t been shown in combat yet he is very powerful like his peers and unlike many of them he doesn`t poses any magic or uses any weapons and instead relies on pure raw strength and physical close combat.