Vital statistics
Created By Naglfar94
Status Alive
Age 17
Family Mana (Fiancee)
Species Human
Gender Male
Birthday November 24
Height 5'7

Thomas Is a character from Lagios. he lives in Clayter and comes from the town of Victor where his fellow classmate and childhood friend`s Mana & Bella also comes from. He assists Mina and Bella as they go to free the captives that were taken away by Garnet and her forces.


Thomas is a water mage from Clayter. He was taught under Crux alongside his two good friends Mana and Bella. Shortly after Bella had departed on her mission to send a message to Queen Luna Capricorn arrived with her forces aswell as Garnet and attacked the Shrine of Sacred Water taking many hostages in the process. Some were forced to fight for their cause with false promise of being freed while others were experimented on after their usefulness had been met. Thomas managed to hide away and avoid capture however. After Crux`s death and later Bella`s at the hands of Garnet Thomas vowed to take their places and restore the place to it`s former glory aswell as to better himself along the way to become a great water mage like them alongside his best friend now fiancee Mana.


Thomas has dark blue shoulder length hair and dark green eyes and wears a brown cape and dark blue robes with black boots.

Power & AbilitiesEdit

Thomas was weaker than his fellow water practitioner Bella and many times she helped him out with learning the various spells they were taught when they were younger. despite being far weaker than Bella Thomas still tries his best to be of assistance to Mina and Bella.

Water Whip:Thomas`s only shown spell he creates a whip made of water in his hand to use for a variety of purposes be it to attack a foe or to use as roping to climb up on as he displayed when he helped Bella climb up to a high area by doing so.