Vital statistics
Created By Naglfar94
Status Deceased
Age 27
Family None
Species Human
Gender Male
Birthday July 4, 1589
Height 5'11

Zin Is a character from Lagios. He was a very powerful mage who used fire magic and was the one responsible for the deaths of May & Meg`s parents many years before the start of the main timeline. At the end of the battle he died along with their parents having taken them down with him in his last attack.


Zin was a famous and very feared powerful mage of fire who knew fire magic to a fearsome level and had terrifyingly powerful flame spells. He and, May & Meg`s mother knew one another for a long time and he has held a grudge against their mother for many years harboring much hate for her due to her always one upping him at every turn when they were students of magic and her being favored by their teacher in the end. Aswell as her having mastery of not only one but three different magic elements. He would constantly get into conflict with her but failed each time until he vanished for some years, only to return and start an all out war with May & Meg`s mother and father. At the end of the long fierce battle having been beaten once more by their mother he use the last ounce of his strength and unleased a powerful forbidden magic spell on both their parents mortally wounded them and in the end resulting in their deaths Zin having succeeded at long last died alongside them.


Zin was a fairly tall man and he possessed dark blue eyes and long black hair that reached down to his back. he wore a white cape and red robes with black boots which were covered by the robes.

Powers & AbilitiesEdit

Zin was very powerful for his time and was very skilled in the use of fire magic having many fearsome fire based spells. he was strong enough to fight off and hold his own against May & Meg`s mother who had mastery over three magic elements aswell as fires weakness water and their father a high ranking knight of Gustavesburg kingdom both at the same time and although he was defeated he still managed to take them both with him using a forbidden powerful fire magic spell.

Flare:Is a forbidden powerful fire magic spell that was used by Zin to kill May & Meg`s parents. When used the bodies of the intended targets instantly catch on fire making the spell completely unavoidable afterwards many large balls of flame begin to rain down from the sky on them followed by a total of five massive tornados of fire that close in on them.